We receive artworks from talented people and help them developing their ideas. You are free to print or not with us.When it comes to graphic design, we do everything related to printed matter (publications, flyers, posters...), visual identity and advertisement.


We are using a Riso SF 9350 and you can print posters, business cards, brochures, publications or any other printed matter material.If you think your project suits with Risograph technique you should try our services! RISO Printer-Duplicator is a stencil printer designed mainly for high-volume photocopying, duplicating and printing.

paper specificationsMaximum Size: A3Printable Area: 291 x 413mmPaper Weight: 70 gsm to 250 gsm Irregular paper sizes can go through the machine, although those have to be tested previously.Risographic printers can only print on uncoated paper and with us, under 250gsm. There are few exceptions so if there is a special request we need to try first. You're also welcome to bring and test your own paper. Please, in this case, provide extra 10% as some sheets will get spoilt in the process. paper in storage:Munken Pure, Kristall and Lynx in different weights Cyclus Offset 115gr, 250gr We can also provide other papers upon request.
coloursRiso, for instances, do not make cyan or magenta ink. It prints using specific spot colours so it is able to print colours that would be unachievable on digital printers, which use CMYK. Colours behave differently depending on the type of paper. available colours:Black – Neutral Black UBlue – 3005 UGreen – 354 UYellow – Yellow UBright Red – 185 UFluorescent Pink – 806 UBurgundy – 7419 U
opacityThe riso colours are not 100% opaque so they are easily blended to make new colours variants. This is considered as an advantage when you are developing a design that uses a third colour that can be easily made out of combing the two colours.
halftonesThe risograph machine automatically processes greyscale images and applies a halftone screen with customizable LPI and angles. If you have a specific preference, please indicate the LPI number when submitting your job. If you have a customized halftone screen, or a dither pattern, that you want to apply in printing, you should then make your image with that halftone and export it as a 600 DPI Bitmap file.
conditionersThe risograph doesn't produce perfect results as an inkjet or laser printer, although delivers a print with its own expression that in many cases is more interesting. registrationRisographs are not designed for multiple colour printing, there will always be a degree of mis-registration when printing several colours. The most interesting designs are those that take this in consideration when using Riso technique. Using bleed and trapping is something to bring into your design in order to make it work.
feed marks & double sided marksThe machine uses rubber tires to feed the paper into the press.Expect print marks, especially when printing with more than one colour or double sided. Most of the times it is possible to (easily) rubbed off with a rubber. ink transferThere will be always ink transfer when pages with heavy ink come from the printer and get stacked on top of each other. The final artwork also takes time to completely dry, sometimes one month or more so keep this in mind when ordering Risograph prints.
file formatAll files must come in PDF format, 1 pdf for each colour, with crop, registration and bleed marks offset to 4mm, 10mm clear border.If more than one colour, in the title mention the colour to print and respective order. (Ex. Poster_A_blue.pdf, Poster_B_green.pdf) imagesAll images must arrive separated as PDF file, each layer must be greyscale, simply making each colour a different layer in your software of choice and then turning those into greyscale files.All images must be at the size intended for printing. text and shapesWhen exporting text and line art to keep them as vectors and do not rasterise them. All type and solid shapes must to be set to RGB BLACK (R:0 G:0 B:0). Don't use Photoshop for text layout. color space and transparencyThe documents 'transparency blend space' must be changed from the default CMYK to RGB.
bindingSaddle StitchedSide StitchedLoop StitchedSewn BoundPerfect BoundTape BoundWire Bound