William A.F. BentsenCertainty was a flash. Lull, a lapse of the ever-present.NOK 50,-

In this publication, William A. F. Bentsen wishes to collapse the deep-sunken ideas of boundaries between the external and the internal. His work touches on notions of New Materialism and phenomenology, delving into a wide range of perspectives and nuances of the physical and meta-physical value spectre.
The publication happens in the occasion of his exhibition lull* at Tempe, in Trondheim.
Tempe #2 — lull*, Trondheim 15-17 Nov 2019Print run: 25Proofreading Agnieszka FoltynDesign: SMØR PressPrinted in Riso: Fluorescent Pink, Green, BlackPaper: Munken PurePublished by SMØR Press 2019