Vortexringer og lysende nattskyerKaroline SætreNOK 50,-

Vortexringer og lysende nattskyer is Karoline’s first contact with the risograph technique. For her this publication has been an investigation of the riso print as method, as well as a trial for an upcoming production with SMØR Press, for the summer time. In this printed matter — a subtle three-colour risograph print — the author wanted to focus on one single poem, and then to build the publication from that. It’s not Karoline’s intention to explain the poem, but the narrative of it can be found in the publication as a whole, and the choice of circles as a graphic element was a result of this process. The result is as a poster with an extract from the poem in one side and in the other, an unfolded (sort of) brochure with a series of nature photographs with the poem as a title for it.
Karoline Sætre (b. 1992) is graduated with a BA from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art in 2016 and recently she has moved to Malmø to start a Master Degree in Visual Arts at Malmö Art Academy. Her practice lies on the interaction/relation between text and image and is often manifested trough installations or interdisciplinary works. Karoline’s projects include text based works of art, as well as purely literary work in form of poetry or short stories. Print run: 50270mm x 187mmPrinted in Riso: Fluorescent Pink, Burgundy, BlackPaper: Rainbow 160g Light PinkPublished by SMØR Press 2017