Edith Lundebrekke
NOK 350,-

“Symmetries” is an artist book by Edith Lundebrekke printed in riso. The publication revolves about one of Edith’s systems where colour, pattern and subtleties are unfolded within and throughout the book. Interaction and colour are key elements in Lundebrekke’s compositions. She is intrigued by the fact that light and shadow, in interaction with the environment and the spectator, create fluctuating visual experiences. Ambiguity occurs through perceptual and optical effects, and manipulates the spectator’s perception of surface, depth and colour. This is notoriously present when noticing the composition appearing on the white sheet of paper. The system is the common denominator in the proposed publication. Through repetition and recombination of simple geometric shapes, she examines systems as the basis for image-making. One characteristic of a pattern is the possibility of endless extension, both in width and height.

The publication happens in the occasion of Edith's exhibition at Galleri Format, Oslo.

Print run: 100
Design: SMØR Press in collaboration with the artist
Printed in Riso: Green, Burgundy, BlackPaper: Munken Lynx 100g
Publish by SMØR Press 2020

Supported by Trondheim Kommune.