TchuwjuAndreas WallrothNOK 250 DescriptionThe publication, Tchuwju, appears in the occasion of his exhibition Nom nom nom at Galleri Blunk, in Trondheim. Nom nom nom incorporates a mish-mash of painting, printed matter and sculpture. Loops of patterns, figures, and shapes formed from new material and seasoned fragments leap across and beside each other. Various stages of manipulation lead the work down unexplored paths toward new settings.And because this is Andreas zone, Tchuwju follows the same pattern, being a compilation of different expressions but produced with the same medium and printed matter: risograph.His work is situated between the tension of the digital and the analogue and technique is really rooted in the working process. This process is used as an exploration of other techniques of production of visual material, which creates this explosive book in all directions where the image is what it matters, formalism. But not only. To him, it is very important both the found material but also his own content, and how transformations are done by the time and through all the experiments of going back and forth in his digital collage and unique technique.
BIOAndreas Wallroth (Gothenburg, 1987) graduated with a BFA from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. He now lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden. Author's website project supported byTrondheim Kommune
Print run: 100Year: 2017Softcover, mm x mmrisographyPaper: Munken KristallDesign: SMØR PressISBN: 978-82-93589-02-0